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Five Stars
Facebook Review (1/17/2016)

“Ms. Garrison is incredibly knowledgeable regarding the HomeGauge software and it’s many layers, nuances, and side channels. She will help you get the most out of this already great program and she does it with patience for those of us who {are} not as smart or as young as we used to be. Thanks Shancy!”

Dan Cullen
Founder/Partner, Domicile Consulting
Chicago, IL

Five Stars
Facebook Review (1/19/2016)

“If you’re looking for help with HomeGauge, you’ve come to the right place.”

Frank Rotte
Founder/Managing member, Certified Inspection Services, LLC
San Diego, CA

Five Stars
Facebook Review (2/14/2016)

“Shancy you are a wonderful asset to all inspectors. Thanks for all your knowledge and endless help!”

Skyler Phillips
Precision Home & Infrared Inspection
Bear River City, UT

Five Stars
Facebook Review (4/20/2016)

“I have been using HomeGauge for 8 years now and I had Shancy review and modify my template and I was very happy with the results. She knows the system inside out and is more than willing to go the extra mile to ensure that you are getting the most out of HomeGauge. Worth every penny.”

Keith Langlois
Building Insights, Inc
Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Five Stars
Facebook Review (5/12/2016)

“I recently consulted with Shancy to review my inspection report and temple for improvements. She provided a very constructive report that also gave suggestions and direction with a follow up phone conference. I’d highly recommend Shancy and Report Authority.”

John Buckley
20/20 Home Inspections of NJ
Manasquan, NJ

Five Stars
Facebook Review (6/5/2016)

“Report Authority is a valuable asset to have. Can’t tell you how many times they have helped me in the past. I just recently had Report Authority perform a clean and create categories for my template. Thanks again and Great Job!!!”

BJ Johnson
Inside & Out Property Inspectors
Saint Augustine, FL

Five Stars
Google Review (6/2016)

“Shancy has helped me on more than one occasion after hours. As an inspector who cannot always get through during normal hours. I have been more than happy to hand over a few bucks after hours to keep me rolling. This more than pays for herself and she is very reasonably priced.”

Stephen Rager
Champion Home Inspection, LLC
Evansville, IN