In-Person Training

In Person Classes
In-person Trainings typically restrict attendance to the staff of a specific company, so attendees can learn without the distractions of others with varying skill levels and different goals. Classes are available in Asheville, NC or we can come to you! Although these trainings run one to three days, usually  two days are needed for groups larger than three to allow for repetition and review difficult topics.

In-Person Classes include:

  1. Pre-evaluation of all attendees to determine skill level
  2. Custom class outline based on the goals of the company/attendees
  3. Interactive report writing to apply new skills
  4. Regular review of difficult topics to ensure attendees understand them

Please use the Contact Us page for more information.

In order for us to provide the most accurate pricing, please include the following:

  • Number of attendees, their position with company and how long they have been using HG
  • Where you would like to receive training (at my location or yours)
  • Specific topics you are interested in covering

If you would like more information please email me at or call 828.356.5440.